Yes. Thanks Nuffnang for its largest cheque so far. The last largest payment was on October 2008. Wondering when will be the next largest cheque from Nuffnang?

The 27th Nuffnang cheque

I lost count how many Nuffnang cheques that I received. I am getting payment every month (if I remember to cash out it). Hehe… I just counted. This is my 27th Nuffnang cheque. The first cash out request was on 29 October 2007 13:22. Time flies…

Only the strong will survive. Nuffnang vs. Advertlets. Definitely, Nuffnang is the clear winner. Why? I am a happy blogger who getting monthly Nuffnang payment. But a blogger still fighting hard to get his hard earn money from Advertlets. Check it out here. Anyone can help him?

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