Best way to kill a blog ~ Do nothing!

Err… Busy with lately. Almost put all the time and effort there. And did not study much on stock market at all. Therefore, did not update at all for almost a month. I noticed that SP Blogger traffic dropped 30% after no update for long period. Google search engine traffic dropped. Seem like Google search engine does not like inactive website.

So I am writing this to keep a reminder to myself. And also let Google search engine know that SP Blogger has new content now. 😛

  • how is vibrant doing bro ???

    • Not performing well compare to last year.

  • oh !!!

  • Yeah, looking forward for your blogging tips !

  • Dude, that is standard. I am also quite lazy to update my blog but I guess I will change this in 2012. Glad to see a fellow blogger doing well online. See ya

  • Maybe because the “stock market” keyword is also consider “time” based information 😛

  • Ya, sometimes it happens but sometimes no update also have increasing traffic and when you update it, it could be the other round. I think that is probably just an exception or corner case.

  • Vinod

    Hi Jayce

    Any android rom available for Iphone 3gs?

    • Sorry, Vinod. No idea about that.