Blue Ocean Strategy vs Red Ocean Strategy

I did not have the chance to read both of the Blue Ocean Strategy and Red Ocean Strategy. Just know the high level meaning of them. Red Ocean Strategy is the way that fights hard in existing market while Blue Ocean Strategy values innovation on getting new market. These strategies do not apply on business only, it applies to blogging too.

In SEO world, everyone is fighting to be the highest ranking on a good keyword. I tried lot of efforts to fight a particular very hot keywords (let’s said it as A) by commenting on lot of dofollow blogs with CommentLuv. I also write another post with cold keywords (let’s said it as B) but without any marketing. Based on 1 week Google Analytics traffic, A got 1000 visits and B received 800 visits. I really did lot of works on A but nothing on B. In return, I rather write more articles like B. Normally, I don’t active much in commenting on other blogs. I focus on writing more.

Based on the experiment, the result tells me… Write more valuable articles to get more traffic. The articles must be hot and latest topics. And thanks to Google Analytics Asynchronous Tracking too. It tracks even more accurate. Hitting 5k visitors per day by March 2010 is not a mission impossible. 😉