Chitika earning is way to low for CPC ads

Is Chitika a good CPC ads replacement for Google AdSense? A big NO. Tested Chitika for 1 month on Placed Chitika advertisement at the same place as Google AdSense. Tried Chitika Mobile Ads and enable Chitika | Select ads to all visitors. But Chitika earning is way too low for CPC ads…

Chitika Earning for 1 week

Any other good CPC ads replacement for Google AdSense?

  • I tested Chitika on only to drop it after one month. I agree with you that Chitika is not as good as Google Adsense.

  • Chitika totaly suckkkkk

  • eCPM is too low also..

  • niki

    why was the site ( ) banned from adsense ??? porn content or illegal clicks ???

    please answer ..

    thanks in advance ..

    • No or less original content.

      • niki

        thanks for the reply bro ..

  • lol 5 k impressions only get 0.02

  • Just cannot believe 0.02 for 5K of impressions? IS there any thing better than Adsense?