Good to be a full-time blogger?

I made a very hard decision last 2 years ~ to be a full-time blogger. I was employed as Application Developer in Intel Malaysia for 5 years. It is not an easy decision to make because Intel really pay well and has lot of employee benefits like stock, bonuses, free medical, dental & optical… My blog income is no way near Intel salary back then. However, I decided to make a change of my daily job. And by looking back now… I can confirm that I made a right choice.

Full-time blogger

It is much better to be a full-time blogger. You control the time, task, job… In short == everything. No need to travel to company for work because I work in front of my computer in my room now. I have more time with families. However, being too flexible is a curse for full-time blogger too. I saw lot of bloggers stop / lazy to write. And some was hit by Google Panda and Penguin algorithm update. Therefore, traffic is getting lesser each day. Some even worst ~ banned by Google AdSense. This translates to less income. Besides, income from blog is not stable like fixed monthly salary when employed. There will be up and down.

If you would like to be a full-time blogger, be sure that you have a dedicated mind. Have a goal that you want to success in blogging world. Overcome all the obstacles along the way no matter what. Don’t even thinking of quit, and keep on learning everyday. You will success someday. Remember… A good blog takes time to build up. Put all your effort…

  • Nice tips Jayce. I’m still a part time blogger and a school student but thinking to turn it into my profession after finishing my studies.

  • Yeah. It is not an easy task to work at comfortable home. Although I do write blog post after work hours but sometimes getting exhausted and wanna give up.

    I watch the LEGO story last few days on YouTube. Every successful people also told us the same thing “Do not give up” and keep improving ourselves. So, it inspire me again to keep moving forward without giving up 🙂

  • Still long way to go for me, and it seems pretty impossible. Should I hope to get no raise instead?

  • niki

    thanks for your motivation dude .. thanks a lot !!! all the best !!!

  • Congratulations! Do what you like is the best.

  • my target is to earn much as you and keep my day job…hehehe…but seriously true what you say…a very good motivation for me…all the best!!

  • Well said. Being a full time blogger is way so difficult.. I am still afraid to be a full timer like you. But hope, you will be more success in your blogging!

  • pipin

    Keep up the great work .. Anyways are u from penang?

  • Ecyaj

    I think it’s about time for you to write a post “sucks to be a full time blogger” and beg Intel to give back your job.

    Thanks to Google Panda/Penguin to get rid of low quality sites like this.
    Your definition of “quality” is definitely different from what is explained in dictionary.
    If you don’t have what it takes, don’t use the word “PRO” on yourself.

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