Google PageRank April 2010 Update

Finally… Google gives back its PR4. Yoo… Yoo… Yup, Google updated its PageRank on April 2010. Personally, I don’t care much on PR. But higher PR does make your blog value up a bit.

Google PageRank
Google PageRank

As at 6 April 2010 – Level 4 – Level 2 – Level 2 – N/A

What is your blog PR now?

  • PR4.. so cool.. im gonna check mine now.. =P

  • Just realize my blog got updated to PR2. Nice~

    • Congrats. Make it PR3 next round. 😀

  • My Industrial & Large Format Inkjet Printer Blog’s page rank has jump from PR1 to PR2.

  • Mine didn’t changed. I need to work hard more 🙁

    • No worry. My PR3 stuck for 2 years. But earning and traffic increased. So PR is not a big deal. 🙂

      • Agreed. PR is not a big deal. My achieved PR4 too. The most important is still the earning and traffic increased!

  • Siau Hen

    Congratulations! My websites all are very new. The highest are PR1.. 😛

  • Congrats to you, Jaycee. I need to work harder to improve my blog. 🙁

  • Congrats Jayce. 🙂 Mine still maintain at PR2.

    • You will overtake me in no time. You done a good job in SEO. 😀

      • Thanks for kind compliment and it’s really not easy to get PR4 or higher PR. It takes lots of works and hope to see your PR go up again in the future. 🙂

  • I just get my domain in last January and my Pagerank jump to 3 from 0. Very happy with it.

    • Well done. And keep it up. Getting PR4 from PR3 is not easy then.

  • well all my sites have PR of N/A i guess i still have to wait for PR updates, i also observed a lot of other sites with pr 3-4 are now listed with n/a

  • It’s kind of weird ! 1 of my site (6month old) has PR 0. used to be PR1. and another 3 month old site jumped from PR n/a to PR2 – quite surprising…..

  • No worries, my site is a year old and its still no PR. But the way, mine is a html website and not a blog 🙂


  • yahh. Some of my blog got pagerank. Haha..