Hey, Advertlets is still not paying bloggers!

Greeting, my fellow readers. Do you know Advertlets? If you have been blogging long enough (like 3 years), you should know this Malaysia advertising company which called Advertlets. It is so famous in year 2007. Check out my old old post ~ Advertlets.com – Beware of this online advertising company to find out more about Advertlets.

Uncle Sha from Singapore is facing the same issue like I did 2 years ago. He made a conclusion that Advertlets is a scam. You will see a lot of interesting stuffs when you search ‘advertlets scam‘, ‘advertlets suck‘, ‘advertlets not paying‘ keywords at Google.

Are you still publishing Advertlets ads? If so, when was the last time you get your payment?

  • Many thanks to informing a scam advertiser.

  • I just came from Uncle Sha’s blog and yes, it sure is happening and continue to happen. Well, guessed that’s how bad it is

  • I see few bloggers still have Advertlets ads and never thought it has such bad profile. Thanks for sharing.

    • I think ‘these bloggers’ have special treatment. They are always invited to adverlet’s party.

  • Advertlets is a scam, confirmed, 100 per cent sure, unless you can prove me otherwise, I am certain that this company is up to cheat bloggers. I blogged about it too> http://philip-chew.blogspot.com/2010/05/is-advertlets-scam.html

  • Oh no. Didn’t know that Adverlets is a scam. Seems like more and more bloggers didn’t get paid.

  • it still not paying? haiya..

  • dun support advertlets anymore…

  • Thanks for the information. I stop using them quite sometimes due to bad performance.

  • 100 per cent Scam …… from personal experiences

  • !damn, adverlets still exist until now.

  • I want to know, what is the reason why it does not pay