How to payback PTPTN loan online?

How to payback PTPTN loan online? It is much easier to pay PTPTN repayment now. We can pay it online using FPX service. There is lot of Internet banking that we can select from like Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB, Bank Islam, Hong Leong Bank, RHB… The entire PTPTN repayment process takes less than 5 minutes to complete using online method. Isn’t that great? Note – RM0.50 charges incur for FPX service.

How to payback PTPTN loan using online method? No worry. Just follow the steps given at PTPTN E-FES website. It is as easy as ABC. But you need to have Internet banking account first. Then, you don’t need to go to bank to pay PTPTN loan repayment already.

Of course… The better is that we don’t need to pay it back at all. 😛

  • Hmm…I am using HSBC and the bank was not ‘supported’ for online payment.

    That day I went to CIMB bank to pay via cash deposit. Guess what, RM2 for processing fees. Damn hurt :p

    I think I am gonna pay one lump sum every quarter.

  • @Ah Hong: You can pay it annually. Save more processing fee. 🙂

  • yup. I’m paying every month using EPF system.

  • Calesto

    How to pay?. Have not even completed the course. Meaning to say,I cannnot afford cos no employment yet.

  • JL

    Can i ask something? what is FPX?
    another thing, we have sspn account last time.
    So, can we withdraw the money from sspn account?
    how to withdraw it? i actuALLY don’t know where my sspn card was.

  • cheewen

    How many days we can check our payment already clear after we make internet payment?