How to speed up WordPress blog with W3 Total Cache?

As I said, HostMonster and Bluehost are famous with CPU Throttling. Therefore, a WordPress cache plugin is a must installed on their hosting. My account got suspended even I am using WP Super Cache for quite some time. After do a comparison between WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, I decided to use W3 Total Cache as it is better than WP Super Cache.

HostMonster CPU Limiting Factors (Throttling)

I am using W3 Total Cache v0.9.1.3 on WordPress v3.0.4. W3 Total Cache is working out of the box with default settings. However, I discovered HTTP (gzip) compression is not working on HostMonster and Just Host most of the time. Therefore, CSS, JavaScript and HTML are not compressed with gzip. Only HostGator works perfectly. Must be web hosting issue.

On the other hand, W3 Total Cache failed to cache other object like images with expires header, cache control header and entity tag (eTag). None of the 3 web hosting that I use is working. So no “Instant” second page views (browser caching after first page view). Besides, its minify function might broke your other plugin’s CSS and JavaScript. I tried on and it failed totally. So use it carefully.

By the way, I enabled database caching via disk. It does reduce some CPU resources on HostMonster. But it can’t help much if your visitors or yourself is ‘touching’ DB server directly by posting comments or editing posts. As you can see picture above on the last 1 hour, CPU usage spiked because I was replying few comments.

Overall, W3 Total Cache is a must installed plugin on WordPress blog. Not perfect but worth to install. And do tweak it until you get the best performance out of it.

Download W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin here.

  • I wonder why this page does not appear in spblogger homepage. Probably the cache expired time is set too long? 😉

    • Not sure. I use only the default settings for page cache. But I do notice slow update of main page on Android browser.

  • have u tried the ‘clean options’ plugin? another trick i tried is to disable some unnecessary ‘software’ in the server, such as those stats counter thing and email, coz i don’t use them. save lots of bandwidth and CPU

    • Clean Option Plugin over clean my option table. Some of my other plugin settings were gone. 🙁

      Yaya… I disabled most of the services on HostMonster. Guess that I reached HostMonster CPU limit.

  • Where to add code in htaccess provided in another article because W3 Total cache already added code in htaccess. I added code provided by you at the end of file.

  • W3 Total Cache Not WOrk On My Blog !!!
    Please Help Me !!!

    • Please check with W3 Total Cache developer. Thanks.