Internet income report for December 2010

Well done Vibrant, Google AdSense, ContextWeb and BlogAds. All of them hit record high on December. Once again, Vibrant is the big boss. It is really the king of in-text ads. I published Infolinks and Kontera ads previously. They could not even come near to Google AdSense earning, not to mention overtake it like Vibrant did.

Internet income report for December 2010

Vibrant – US$ 976.25 (RM 2945.15)
Google AdSense – US$ 901.01 (RM 2718.16)
ContextWeb – US$ 540.10 (RM 1629.37)
BlogAds – US$ 146.46 (RM 441.84)
Nuffnang – US$ 78.99 (RM 238.31)

Grand Total: US$ 2642.81 (RM 7972.83)

1 USD == 3.0168 RM. Err… USD is getting weaker each day. Look like this dropping trend will continue on year 2011. Hopefully, increased blogs’ traffic can cover currency conversion loss.

By the way, this is my last Internet income report. Thanks to those who follow these reports. Hopefully, it encourages you to continue blogging. I did a proof of concept myself. Online blogging really can bring revenue to you. It replaces my 8 to 5 daily job. You can do the same too.

Keep it up… 😉

  • Record breaking earning. Good for you man. You are near to 5 figure already 🙂

    • It was just a spike on December due to holidays season. Going back to normal earning now…

  • Ken

    noooo…..don’t stop posting your income…lol. Just curious, why don’t I see any Vibrant in-text links or contextweb ads at Is it only available for US traffic?

    • ContextWeb US only. Vibrant in-text not so sure. But definitely no Malaysia.

  • How many blogs do you own?

    Did you get this figures from one blog?

    • and this one. But most of them coming from

  • Hi Jayce,

    This is Jonathan from Kontera. I’m glad to hear about your holiday related success. If your happy with your Vibrant results, I think you’d be even happier on Kontera.

    Since you were last using our network in 2009, we’ve dramatically increased our exclusive ad inventory, as we feature such brands as Microsoft, Adobe, Intel, HP, Samsung, Blackberry, Sisco, SalesForce, Sony, Nintendo, and many more technology related brands. These premium, often Rich-Media ads are the most attractive to site visitors, offer the best possible CPC, and can only be found on the Kontera network.

    Additionally, instead of relying on keywords lists, like all other In-Text networks, Kontera’s Synapse platform, can read your content for actual meaning. This deeper understanding of your content allows us to unlock keywords and phrases that are relevant to your content in a way simple keyword lists just wouldn’t be able to catch. For instance, say someone is writing a blog post about a movie that was based on a video game. Because the Synapse’s algorithm monitors in real time how users interact with content on the network, continually testing different hypotheses to validate and modify it’s predictions, it would figure out that connection and display a whole additional category of relevant ads.

    If you’re interested in giving Kontera a test run, please let me know. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, a lot has changed in the last two years 🙂


    – Jonathan Cohen
    Kontera Community Manager
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  • It is sad to know that this is the last internet report. I will bookmark this page for my future motivation in blogging 🙂

  • namitha

    dude , please dont stop … please .. please .. please .. i think you will consider our request dude…

    take care ..

  • nalini

    no … dont stop ..

  • nice update. You earn better and better. Cool spblogger!

  • niki

    jan 2011 report please ???

  • niki

    jan 2011 earning please ???

  • niki

    jan 2011 earning please ????

  • i hope i can earn well like you. You did a great job!