Internet income report for November 2010

November 2010 was great ~ a record high on monthly earning. And Vibrant Media was the big boss this round. Vibrant, Google AdSense and ContextWeb hit record high again too. Well done to them. Of course, increased blogs’ traffic helped to generate more income too. As I said, focus on quality of the articles, people will come and re-visit your sites again…

Internet income report for November 2010

Vibrant – US$ 699.91 (RM 2140.67)
Google AdSense – US$ 571.02 (RM 1746.46)
ContextWeb – US$ 417.81 (RM 1277.87)
Nuffnang – US$ 108.78 (RM 332.72)
BlogAds – US$ 91.00 (RM 278.32)

Grand Total: US$ 1888.52 (RM 5776.04)

Yeah… USD 1888 ~ Chinese love number 8 == rich and prosperity. But 1 USD == 3.0585 RM. US Dollar currency rate is decreasing fast lately. Therefore, Ringgit Malaysia is getting stronger which turn into less earning for me. Nuffnang is the only income source from Malaysia. And it contributed 5.76% of total income only. This means that almost 95% of my income is from US. So strong USD currency is very important to me. How about you?

  • Wah. So high. What a nice number. Can buy 4D number already 😛

  • niki

    good work dude … all the best for your $2000 ..

    • Thanks dude. All the best to you too. 🙂

  • Woahh. Vibrant dethrone Google Adsense at last. Congrats

    • Vibrant overtook Google AdSense back in June already. This is the second time. And won’t be the last. 😛

  • Your reports tell that vibrant is really vibrant. They pay good money. Thank you for sharing it with us. It will make easy our decision making process. Good job.