Just Host domain management tool ~ Pipe DNS sucks

Most of the web hosting has integrated domain management tool. I really like HostMonster domain management tool. I can do everything there by myself. Just Host does not have its own integrated domain management tool. And it depends on Pipe DNS. Basically, Pipe DNS can only display your domain information…

Just Host domain management tool ~ Pipe DNS

I can change my contact detail, name servers at Pipe DNS. But it does not update at domain registrar level but rather stored at Pipe DNS server only. At the end, I have email Just Host support to make every single change that I want. What is the point of having this domain management tool ~ Pipe DNS anyway?

By the way, there is no way to unlock domain and get the domain transfer code (Auth Key or EPP Key) at Pipe DNS by yourself. So do think again and again before transfer your precious domain to Just Host.

  • Slash

    Just host just lost all my business, because of the billing service, beware it does not allow you to delete expired credit cards, problems with their back end is resulting in me moving over a dozen site to another server, their customer interaction sucks….Just increased my billing while offering ridiculous sign up fees, beware of justhost.com sucks you in and screws you over