Latest Innity Performance Network payment received

Finally… I use the word ‘finally’. Yaya… Innity delayed July payment again. This is the 3rd Innity payment that coming late. Maybe this is due to its new direct bank-in payment system. Oh, just in case that you don’t know. Starting September 2010, all Innity payment will be made through direct bank-in only, cheque will not be issued. And administration fee of RM1 will be charged. Isn’t that great?

Innity July payment

I stop publishing Innity Ads since malware issue from Innity ad server. Hmm… Issue is solved by now. But no Innity ads will be published on until I get some high pay CPM ads.

My Innity earning is getting lower and lower. How is your Innity earning lately?

  • I also received, and the amount is higher than yours …. haha 🙂

    • Congrats. 😉

      Innity technology channel earning is very poor lately. I only have RM 24.82 last month and RM 31.12 this month.

      Can you believe this earning is coming from 360,316 monthly pageviews blog?

  • Rhia

    The malware issue has been resolved and the system is free of all threats – you may activate your ad scripts now without any problems and will face no issues uploading your ads as well. For more details, go to or you can visit us at

  • guanteik

    Hi Jayce,
    Thank you for sharing this information. I am guanteik from Lowyat. Anyway, I did not get my payment this month. They still owed me an huge outstanding and will be paid next month after sending a support ticket, I hope. Good to know that your payment has arrived even the amount is not encouraging, it’s better than none.

  • a bit higher, but if less than RM30 /month for huge number of pageview, maybe you have to consider other than Innity

    • Any other good CPM advertising company you can can recommend? 😉

  • might be you can try adonion and clicksor. it also have cpm program.

    • Thanks for the info. How is their earning performance? Good?