Malaysians, you can withdraw PayPal fund to local bank for FREE!!!

Yeah… A great news for Malaysia PayPal users. Now you can withdraw PayPal funds to local banks for FREE. I have some funds in PayPal from ADSDAQ. Before this, I planed to use the fund to pay US hosting fee or buy online stuffs from US. But now no need to keep so much fund in PayPal already. I can withdraw them easily.


All the while, the only way to get PayPal funds out was using credit card or charge card. And there is USD 5 fee charges (RM20 now). But who want to withdraw to card when you can get it free (>RM400) or pay RM3 fee (<RM400) to local bank?

  • It’s not just for Malaysian Jayce, maybe for all South East Asia country (not sure about this).

    • Hmm… I am also not sure. But very happy it can withdraw to Malaysia banks.

  • That’s really a good news for paypal users in Malaysia. When is it started? Is it available for all Malaysia Local banks or just selected banks only?

    • Not sure when started. But it is available to all Malaysia Banks. Too bad that the exchange rate a little bit low.

  • HAHA….

    I was almost apply the USA HSBC and going to Singapore to apply paypal account too.

    Finally it has come the best solution….

    First moment can to see FREE!!! for unlimited amount withdrawn without paying $5USD just for maximum 500USD only….
    Just make withdrawn to my MAYBANK, not sure when can get the money.


  • I just withdraw my paypal fund to my maybank account on 1 Oct 2009.For $450 i only get RM1,498.Off course the fee is free but the exchange is very low.

    • Yaya… I am monitoring the PayPal exchange rate this few days. It is way too low. But what to do? You need to withdraw the money out when you need to use it.

  • …thanks for the info, my earning is still low and will wait till exchange rate is high then withdraw 😀