Plantation stocks == Underweight?

Plantation stocks had been rated as underweight by OSK Research and Maybank Investment Bank. I just planned to buy more plantation stocks. And they said better start to sell now. They revised lots of plantation stocks target price including the one that I bought lately ~ IOICORP.

Based on the research, CPO price to correct in 2H09. I believe that because CPO price had been gone up too far lately. It is time to slow down and drop little bit. Drop to RM2,000 per ton? By the way, I just know that soybean is the competitor to palm oil. They use it as cooking oil?

  • Don’t listen to all these so called investment house. I still remember that about a year ago, Citibank is making a SELL call to BJTOTO which was priced at RM4.50. I hold it, and guess what, the price now is still ranging from RM4.80 to RM5.00 with good dividend yield.

  • @Marco: Yup. Their research is not 100% accurate. Use it as a reference is still okay. 😉