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Best Malaysia bank to deposit US cheque

13 Jul

I got the best Malaysia bank to deposit US cheque rate from LowYat website.

Hong Leong Bank:
RM50 + RM10 (courier) + USD75 (Citibank Delaware)

RM25 + USD10 0.1% of the cheque (min: RM25.00, max: RM100). USD15 + unknown charge from the overseas bank

Public Bank:
0.1% of cheque amount (min: RM20, max: RM100) Postage: RM5 Stamp duty: RM0.15


EON Bank:

0.1% charge (min: RM5, max: RM100) Postage: RM5 Stamp duty: RM0.15
Note: You can deposit your check to the home branch only. But, you can mail your check to your BCB account’s home branch for bank-in.

Postage: RM5.00 Stamp Duty: RM0.15 Commission: 0.1% of your cheque amount (minimum RM 10.00 and maximum RM 100.00)

Standard Chartered Bank:
0.01% of cheque amount OR min RM 50.

Bank Muamalat:

Alliance Bank:

Southern Bank:
RM30 + RM0.15 stamp duty.

Some of the process fees are cheap while some are very expensive. I have 3 bank account from the list above, Public Bank, Maybank and HSBC. Among 3 of them, HSBC processing fee is the cheapest ~ RM11. Why do I need to find the cheapest rate? I have a USD 20.63 cheque to clear. And I don’t want to waste the money for bank fee.

I bank in the US cheque in HSBC. It took exactly 1 month to clear the cheque. And charged RM 11.65 as processing fee. Hmm… I still prefer Western Union or PayPal payment. It is lot faster and easier. No need to show up at bank to get the payment. And no processing fee also…

How to payback PTPTN loan online?

14 Jun

How to payback PTPTN loan online? It is much easier to pay PTPTN repayment now. We can pay it online using FPX service. There is lot of Internet banking that we can select from like Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB, Bank Islam, Hong Leong Bank, RHB… The entire PTPTN repayment process takes less than 5 minutes to complete using online method. Isn’t that great? Note – RM0.50 charges incur for FPX service.

How to payback PTPTN loan using online method? No worry. Just follow the steps given at PTPTN E-FES website. It is as easy as ABC. But you need to have Internet banking account first. Then, you don’t need to go to bank to pay PTPTN loan repayment already.

Of course… The better is that we don’t need to pay it back at all. :P

I got an email from CIMB Group…

Account Suspension (Urgent)


Dear Valued Customer,

CIMB Aaccount Security Systems (CASS-8/8/9) detected a security “threat” in your account as it was accessed from a blacklisted location. We have suspended your account pending your immediate reactivation for safety reasons.


Note that inactive accounts will be deactivated in less than 5min for security reasons. We regret any inconvenience caused.


CIMB Group

My CIMB account has been suspended. What should I do? Just follow the link above to reactivate back, right? Yup. I clicked on the link. Below is what I got…


Do be careful every moment. Bank will not send email to ask you do anything including account activation. So don’t fall into this trick.

Lastly… I don’t have CIMB account. Why did you send this email to me? :P

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