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I started to use back WP Super Cache on JayceOoi.com when W3 Total Cache was giving me issue on my VPS. And W3 Total Cache was not able to sustain PrettyGirl2u.com traffic on shared web hosting yesterday. Received warning email from HostGator about high CPU usage…


This message is to advise you of a temporary block placed on your account. This account was found to be consuming an inordinate amount of processor time, to the point of degrading overall system performance. While we do limit each account to no more than 25% of a system’s CPU in our terms of service, we do not actively disable accounts until they greatly exceed that number, which is what happened in this case.

Requests to this scripts under this account may become degraded by limiting the ability for scripts to run for a limited amount of time, or if the issue persists, we may be forced to restrict how fast processes can be spawned until the issue has been resolved.

We recommend taking steps to reduce the overall CPU usage for the account, which may be as simple as generating a flat HTML page for popular content, or enabling caching that is available through many popular scripts, or disabling high CPU usage features such as searches or Ajax refreshes. Although we may not be able to help in all cases, we would be more than happy to assist if you are unable to determine any cause, or if you need help interpreting any of the information.

PrettyGirl2u.com should not have any high CPU usage because it does not have comment system which will increase DB usage. And I don’t see any traffic spike on Google Analytics. Anyway, I disabled W3 Total Cache and installed WP Super Cache back. I did some studies on WP Super Cache. Haha… I should have enabled Preload Mode on WP Super Cache since day 1 I use it. I preloaded all the post and refresh preloaded WP-Super-Cache files every 720 minutes (half 1 day). This means that the server will only access to database to query information once half a day or any new comment entered. And it really does reduce CPU usage on shared web hosting.

Did you enable Preload Mode on WP Super Cache?


Seriously, I have never use a web hosting that suck like Just Host. I won’t complaint and publish posts online if anyone just makes a mistake or two purposely. But more than that? Sorry… But does Just Host really that suck? Read all the 7 reasons and let me know then…

Just Host

Top 7 reasons why Just Host suck

  1. Just Host web hosting sucks
  2. Just Host database server sucks
  3. Just Host live chat support sucks
  4. Just Host domain management tool ~ Pipe DNS sucks
  5. Just Host cancel team sucks
  6. Just Host cancellation process sucks
  7. Just Host terms and conditions suck

Stay away from Just Host if you not yet sign up its hosting plan. For existing Just Host users, file a dispute on Just Host with PayPal is the fastest way to get back your refund…


No body like to read all the long fine print of terms and conditions of any agreements. But that’s a must to read. Me? I don’t read them all also.

All refunds are subject to a $20.00 domain registration fee charge… Please note: Any account upgrades to hosting services such as additional domain registration, Priority Support, Just Host Directory, Daily Backup, Dedicated IP, Domain Privacy, Private SSL certificates, Search Engine Submission, Platinum Upgrade, Visitors 2 You and Shell Access are non-refundable… Just Host also reserves the right to cancel your account with 72 hours notice should an event occur in which proper evidence exists that a customer was exceptionally rude or vulgar in communications with our staff.

Above are part of Just Host terms and conditions. You will be in trouble if you did not read them carefully. Domain registration fee charge is normal for new domain registration. But no refund on add-on services are no no. For your information, HostMonster did refund JayceOoi.com 2 years dedicated IP fee which I did not use yet. Rude to Just Host staffs? Yes, I will yell at Just Host support if my blog is always down. Does it mean that I am rude to Just Host staff already? Then my web hosting account will be cancelled in the next 3 days?

Just Host is a real money sucker. (sorry for the rude words) Just Host refunded the remainder (un-used portion) of my hosting term at the end after long long email conversations. But refused to refund the $20.00 domain registration fee charge. What the hack? I did not register PrettyGirl2u.com at Just Host. And Just Host did not renew the domain either. I asked for this $20.00 domain registration fee refund but no luck.

End up… I filed a dispute on Just Host with PayPal. Finally, I got my precious $20.00 back. Err… I should do this in the first place, so that I don’t need to waste my time to deal with unprofessional Just Host staffs. Anyway, this is a very good experience for me. I will always remember the worst web hosting that I ever used ~ Just Host.


Just Host offers a ‘No Questions Asked’. Anytime money back guarantee with all our hosting plans.

Yes, Just Host does offer anytime money back. But the ‘anytime’ is just not ‘NOW’. Check out below Just Host cancellation process screenshots to know more about http://cancel.justhost.com.

Hahaha… Just Host really knows how to make money online. If I complete this cancellation process, how much refund can I get? NOTHING!!!

I informed Just Host cancel team through email that I cannot cancel my account now with this cancellation process website. But they insisted that I need to go though it and then send email to refund team. I did not complete this stupid cancellation process. Just wondering… What will happen if I really did complete it?


Yeah… Just Host cancel team sucks all the way. There were total 15 emails (8 from Just Host and 7 from me) that needed in order to close Just Host shared web hosting and get refund back. That was 3 long days process. For your information, I only send 1 email to HostMonster to get my account closed and refunded within 1 day.

Just Host Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Yaya… If you believe in Just Host Anytime Money Back Guarantee, you are in serious trouble. I will tell you why in the coming post in details.

Hi Jayce,

I’m really sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your hosting with us.

Before you cancel your account, I would love to try to resolve any issues you may have and offer you 3 months FREE hosting as a goodwill gesture if I can resolve your issues and get you to stay.

If you need help with anything and would like me to arrange 3 months free hosting credits for you to stay a happy JustHost customer just let me know, alternatively to go ahead and cancel your account please use the information below.


Please go to http://cancel.justhost.com and follow the simple process.

You will need to enter your username and password exactly from your original JustHost welcome email.

If you do not have these or experience problems logging in, please reply to this email and I will help you.

Domain Transfer:
Due to ICANN regulations regarding the transferral of domains, if we registered your domain for you with your hosting account we cannot release it for 60 days after it was registered. For more information please visit – http://www.icann.org
If your domain was registered by us over 60 days ago and you would like to transfer your domain to a new registrar or host please email support@justhost.com

If you have any questions or you would like me to arrange your 3 months free hosting credits to stay hosted with us just let me know.

Have a great day!

Kind regards,

Laura Mew
Billing Representative

Wow… I was given 3 months free hosting if I decided to stay. That’s really good if Just Host is a good web hosting. Too bad that Just Host is not. In addition, what the hack is this cancellation website ~ http://cancel.justhost.com?

There were 15 emails due to this stupid cancellation website. Besides, I could not even login with username and password exactly from my original JustHost welcome email…