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Tanjong (2267) at Take Profit based on charts with downside targets at RM17.33, then RM16.28. Tanjong recently made a weekly Wave 5 high of RM19.12 with grossly overbought, bearish divergent signals. On upside, resistance eyed at RM17.80, then MYR19.12.

Well… This is the technical view from Maybank Investment Bank.

Tanjong PLC last 4 months stock price

Tanjong PLC stock price dropped below the price ~ RM17.74 at Tanjong latest financial report. Tanjong PLC 12 months target price from OSK Research ~ RM18.60 (14/12/09), Maybank Research ~ RM19.10 (25/03/10) and S&P ~ RM20.00 (25/03/10).

Will Tanjong PLC continue to drop until RM16.28? If it does, that will be a very attractive price to dive in again.


The latest financial result from Tanjong PLC is out. Tanjong managed to get financial year end net profit increased 45.93% to 676.773 million.

Tanjong PLC last 3 months stock price

Tanjong stock price had been floating around RM17.00 to RM18.00 for the last 3 months. Will the latest financial announcement help it to break RM18.00 and go up until RM19.00-RM20.00 level? By the way, Tanjong declared fourth interim dividend of 17.5 cents per share (EX date: 14/04/2010, payment date: 30/04/2010) and a final dividend of 30 cents per share (EX date: 28/07/2010, payment date: 13/08/2010).

Is Tanjong PLC still a value stock to buy? Based on current stock price at RM17.74, RM1.00 dividend will bring you 5.63% return in 1 year. It is still better than 2.6-2.8% fixed deposit rate. The question to me, should I top up? Hmm… I think it’s time for me to find other value stocks to invest. Need to study hard…


Arr… Tanjong PLC stock price over RM17.50 already. I was wrong. I set too low buying price target. Here go my 2 units of HTC HD2.

The lesson that I learn. Don’t stop monitoring stock market. I was busy during holidays with my new gadget ~ HTC HD2 and focusing on increase blog traffic too. Did not study well on stock market at all.

Well… The rally should continue until Chinese New Year based on past historical record (Don’t trust past result). Anyway, I am not going to buy Tanjong with price over RM17.00. How about you?

Arr… Still remember Mudajaya? The stock that I regretted most is at RM5.13 as at 5 January 2010. Lesson learns… Never sell good potential stock.


Yup, Tanjong PLC rating was downgraded by S&P from ‘Strong Buy’ to ‘Buy’. Is Tanjong not performing already? Nope, Tanjong is still on the right track. S&P downgraded the rating but raised the target price from RM18.00 to RM19.00. Yeah… Same apply to Maybank Investment Bank Research, target price raised from RM18.60 to RM19.10. However, OSK Investment Research keeps the target price at RM18.60.


Hmm… Should I top up now with current price at RM16.58? Nope, I will wait until the price is below SMA (50) which is below RM15.80. 😉


As expected… Tanjong 3rd quarter revenue is about the same as last year ~ RM985,175,000 (RM986,513,000 on year 2008). However the net profit @ RM177,763,000 compare to year 2008 @ RM97,127,000. And Tanjong declares same dividend at 17.50 cents.

Tanjong stock price from 1 October 2009 to 11 December 2009

I mentioned that Tanjong plc can go pass RM16.00 on last quarter result announcement. I did not manage to buy it again after sold at RM16.66. Will Tanjong go up again? Should I buy again like last time?

By the way, the latest dividend info.
Entitlement Date and Time: 04/01/2010 05:00 PM
EX Date: 30/12/2009
Payment Date: 15/01/2010