Thanks Innity for its largest payment

Yeah… I received the 3rd payment from Innity. And it is the largest Innity payment so far. Thanks to Innity Site Take Over Ad for contributing most of the revenue.

By the way, Innity changed the cash-out period for earnings to 45 days after the end of each month of accrued payments. So Innity is on-time for this December 2009 payment. I don’t even notice that the payment was already in until I checked Maybank account.

If you are not publishing Innity ads yet, then you are out already. Hurry to sign up as one of the Innity publishers. More detail at Innity publishers page. (P/S – small small fishes are not allowed. 😛 )

  • Congratulation!.

    I want to signup but my site yet to have 15,000 page views per month although 3,000 visitors per month is achievable.

  • Congrats!
    Yeah, too bad my blog not qualified yet (small fish), but when it does, I’m sure to take your advice. 🙂

  • Hahaha, I really want to sign up as Innity publisher. Too bad I am just small fish. Not even 20% of their traffic requirement 😀

  • Great achievement indeed and congratulation on the payment. Innity really rocks!

  • blog still not enough. I need more traffic and visitor before i can use innity.

  • Wash, can’t wait for min soon. Just added their ads. Should be nice. 🙂

  • baru cuba.. tengok macamana.. hehehe

  • you earn big what..

  • congratulation….after changing to Innity my earning also shoot up

  • huh..that big amount. i like it.

  • i can only say wow!!!

  • u earn that much on what blog? this or others?

  • Congratulation!
    It’s really a large amount, hopefully i’ll get this in one day.

  • woww..thats a good news.

  • Hi, im just joined Innity. I like to try Innity, because other blogger already get sum rm3k/mth. 🙂

    • Cool. Who make RM3k per month? Got his blog address?

  • but how to enable on CPM for our blog?

  • but how to enable only CPM for our blog?

    • Reject all CPC campaigns at Manage Campaign.

  • but now, i must wait for 90 days for maiment.