The largest Google AdSense Payment so far…

My previous post about largest payment from Google AdSense was on June 2009. I did get larger amount of Google AdSense payment after that but I forgot to post it. Well, here you are. The latest and greatest Google AdSense payment that I received today. Yeah… I broke RM1000 Google AdSense earning finally. It took me long enough (3 years) to reach that target. The higher USD exchange rate does help. I got 1 USD == RM 3.3213 rate from Public Bank (it should be the same on other Malaysia Banks) which turn to RM1230.80.

Finally, I did not have problem to withdraw Google AdSense payment by using Western Union service at Sungai Petani Public Bank. Last few months, the staff refused to process my withdrawal due to miss match on first and last name. Well, the lovely staff that attended me today managed to solve that simple problem. Let say, My IC name is Koay Ah Ka. So my first name is Ah Ka and last name is Koay. So put in the same stuff in the Western Union withdrawal form should do the trick, right? Nope. In the system, my first name is Koay Ah and last name is Ka. And the sender name ~ Google Inc is at the last name column. Anyway, by filling in the exact way as the system shown, I got my money in the end.

Do you face this issue when you withdraw Google AdSense using Western Union?

  • Wow, that’s alot of money there. =)

  • I am receiving the payment by cheque. Hope to achieve your level in 1-2 years time from now.

  • Feel happy to see the earning, good result come from hard work. Keep it up bro 😀

  • Siau Hen

    Awesome! Hope you will break your own record soon!

  • Simply fantastic. Congratulation!!

  • Cool! I used to earn about $200 per month from Adsense only, I’m going to overtake your place Jayce (may be an impossible mission)! Congrats on the achievement, now go further and achieve RM2k per month just from Adsense!


    • You will overtake me anytime soon. Keep it up. 😉

  • Hi,

    Just a quick question, how many hits do you need to make that money?

    • Around 5k visitors per day…

      • Do you mean visits, unique visitor, page views or hits?


        • Visits

          • Would you mind sharing with us how do you promote your site?

            • In short, SEO helps a lot as most of the traffic are from search engine. And writing quality contents. People will link back to your posts. Active in forum, commenting provide little help too. But all of these take time…

              • I saw your ads on, does it brings visitors?

                • Oh, that’s free one. Given by my friend. Bring few visitors from time to time… 🙂

  • USD370 a month is excellent income. And it is free money drop down from heaven!

    • It’s not really a free money as a lot of effort is needed before it’s starts to bear fruits.

      • Not only hard work, but working smart. A portion of money also goes into advertisements.

  • Congrat! 🙂

    How many site you put this Adsense id & get that income within one month?

    • 2 sites. And it is 1 month earning. 🙂
      Btw, try not to put post link as your comment went to SPAM folder. No PR juice at nofollow site like mine.