The largest Nuffnang cheque so far

Yes. Thanks Nuffnang for its largest cheque so far. The last largest payment was on October 2008. Wondering when will be the next largest cheque from Nuffnang?

The 27th Nuffnang cheque

I lost count how many Nuffnang cheques that I received. I am getting payment every month (if I remember to cash out it). Hehe… I just counted. This is my 27th Nuffnang cheque. The first cash out request was on 29 October 2007 13:22. Time flies…

Only the strong will survive. Nuffnang vs. Advertlets. Definitely, Nuffnang is the clear winner. Why? I am a happy blogger who getting monthly Nuffnang payment. But a blogger still fighting hard to get his hard earn money from Advertlets. Check it out here. Anyone can help him?

  • ken

    wow.. 2k is alot.. sure you making lots of traffic as well =)

  • kivilita

    is nuffnag only for the 4 countries as publisher ????

    thanks in advance …

    • Yes. Other countries won’t perform well on Nuffnang. 😛

  • haha I just received my NuffNang Cheque with 2 digit haha so ciput.

    share lah bro how to make more money thru Nuff Nang is it the same like Adsense ?

    • 80% of this cheque is from advertorial. Normal ads earning is still low.

  • wow.. that a lot of money…

    Azman Roslan telah datang ke blog ini

  • good money there 🙂

  • Wow, that’s cool. 27th cheque? I’m finding it hard earning for my first cheque 🙁

  • Wow! big amount, congrats (^_^)

  • KF

    wow..dats a huge sum which i never can get??
    can i ask something? 2k + is for how long?
    27th cheque?
    taking into minimum of rm 100 per cheque u may have minimum of 2700
    and dats way impoosible for you..
    u might have reached 10K

    • 80% of this cheque is from advertorial. The rest from 1 month ads earning.
      By the way, still not yet reach 10k earning from Nuffnang… 😛

  • Your blog must be really successful! I think most bloggers will take a long time to generate the minimum sum to cash out, much less hit your cheque’s amount!

    Great job! Congrats too! (:

  • 27th cheque and counting, and 2k is such a huge amount. Congratulations!!! :d Wish I could reach that milestone too, but I don’t think I would ever get that far.

    • You can do it too. But need to take some time like I did. 🙂

  • This’ll inspire me.

    Really a big sum.

  • Congras. Fr 2007 to present is indeed a pretty long time. But your preserverance definitely deserves it! All the best n hope you touch the RM10k soon!

    • Thanks. Good luck to you too. 🙂

  • wow… so much.. and u cash out every month….

  • WOW! so much! envy!

  • Good earning. I did try Nuffnang before, but feels it slows my blog down and I remove it at last 😀

    • Yes. Nuffnang ads do load slow. Might be their high volume ads to serve. 😛

  • wow ! hebat~!

  • Wow ! Congrats and keep earning 🙂

  • Wasei!!! so huge amount of money for Nuffnang….I believe one day you will get another Nuffnang Cheque bigger than this…. Congrats! 🙂

    • Will be long long time later. Unless Nuffnang give me lot of advertorials to write.

  • RM2,129 is God Sent! What’s your secret to getting so high traffic month after month?

    • 80% of this cheque is from advertorial. The rest from 1 month ads earning.

  • Pardon my ignorance, what is advertorial?


  • naz

    thats a lot of! i think if you make an ebook how to make more money with nuffnang, people will bought it 😛

  • Very informative and review how to make money from nuffnang.Look like you are now not far from the famous blogger-Kennysia? Good luck and well done

    • Wakaka… I am still far far away from the popular Kenny Sia. 😛

  • Hi, spBlogger

    Thats fantasty! I would I have it too!

    How are you get the adventorial job? Is it somewhere i need to register 1st? or nuffnang come to find you one..

    • Make sure that you are Nuffnang Glitterati. Then wait for Nuffnang to come after you (your blog need to have lot of traffic in order attract Nuffnang staffs). Or contact Nuffnang directly.
      For me, I just sit and wait. 😛

      • Thanks for the info.. it helpful.. i will keep on support your blog~ :p

  • nice amount on the cheque, keep up the good work dude

  • I love Nuffnang they always give me CPM ads!