Top Post Views WordPress Plugin ~ should you use it?

I used WP-PostViews WordPress plugin by Lester Chan on and It is a WordPress plugin that display how many times a post had been viewed. The question ~ is it good for you?

As a SEO blogger… What will you do when you see a post that has lot of page view? For me? I will research on the post title keywords popularity. And start my own post on it. Will you do the same too?

By the way, WP-PostViews has the ability to show the most view posts of all time. I stopped using it because of this. 😉

  • WordPress is rich with SEO tools while blogspot has very limited option in SEO.

  • For me, i would wanna see why the post attracts so many views. =D

    • You can always use Google Analytics to track your post view. A better solution.

  • WordPress Plugins rox, but some arent that, because the Blog gets slow. Just my 2 Cent. 🙂

  • Is good to reduce unnecessary plugin for better performance. Good move 😉

  • If the owner of blog (he/she) keep on viewing his/her own page/posts many times, does it counted also?

    • There is a setting to ignore blog owner view.

      • I see. Sometimes display the high number of post view can attract people want to read on. Hehe…

  • I wud use it when writing future post. At least i know what are my visitors looking for.

  • i never use it as it slows down the system…..