WP Super Cache vs. W3 Total Cache ~ Which one is better?

HostMonster is famous with its CPU Throttling. You can’t use too much CPU resources no matter in HTTP, FTP, database… They will be counted and not to over the limit else your web hosting account will be suspended like I did.

WP Super Cache is not a stranger to me. I had been using it for 1 year plus. And it served me well. W3 Total Cache on the other hand, it is new to me. But it has more features when compare to WP Super Cache. However, not all the features are working (at least to me). And some crashes with other plugin which use own CSS.

CPU usage with WP Super Cache

CPU usage with W3 Total Cache

Based on benchmark, W3 Total Cache makes my website use less CPU resources. Must be its database caching system’s help. Therefore, it stays on my blogs. However, make sure that you try to play around the all its features until you get the best performance of your website.

  • W3C Total Cache is the best caching plugin. I have test and compare it against WP Super Cache in Google Page Speed and W3C Total Cache wins in the end. Yes, the db caching is important to reduce cpu throttling 🙂

  • Of course W3 Total Cache is better 🙂

  • Hm..wish there is a better report or comparison because I’ve been with WP SuperCache for a few years and reluctant to change unless if there really is significant comparison

    Thanks for the article though, it intrigues me in researching more. Cheers

  • Wow… I Love W3 Total Cache, But I Have Error / Crash ?

  • I use WP super cache and its running very well

  • Are you on shared hosting ? or virtual private hosting ?
    The HTTP gzip settings at my site doesnot work

    It seems that mod gzip and mod deflate compression are not supported on my hosting

    • JayceOoi.com is on VPS, spBlogger.com and PrettyGirl2u.com are on shared hosting. All are hosted at HostGator. What is your hosting?

  • abd

    I use WP super cache and its running well

  • You’re comparing apples to oranges if you look at both plugins as whole. WP Super Cache has a fantastic static file caching system for large websites. On the other hand, W3 Total Cache includes more flexible features that allow admins to cache database resources, objects, and other content where the use would like it, such as options to enable APC, Eaccelerator, or Memcache. Admins can also set browser cache expiration to their likings. Both plugins have special features.

    You’re going to be better off using WP Super Cache for static file caching. On a recent deployment of wordpress, I found a great configuration of using both plugins….

    Setup WP Super Cache and enable caching of your resources (using the mod_rewrite method in the plugin). Next, install W3 Total Cache. Setup database caching on a memory resource (I recommend APC on sites that aren’t deployed for scaling. You must install APC on the server itself. Multi server network sites should use Memcache). Next, setup object caching on the memory. Leave the page Cache settings alone (as this will interfere with WP Super Cache). Then setup browser cache settings and others as you please. I also recommend routing your site through Cloudflare to reduce server load.

    This configuration will use super cache for static pages and will also take advantage of W3 Total Cache’s DB cache system to speed up requests on pages that are not completely cached, as well as when WP Super Cache refreshes a page.

  • am using W3C Cache , but sometime it create some errors, how can rum error free ?

  • Nick

    After a year of testing do you have any news about the latest versions of those 2 plugins??! Which one is better?

    • i use wp super cache and i liked it more than w3 total cache.

  • W3 total cache has very good features!
    I used to run WP Super cache I didnt see any improvemenet.