5th Nuffnang cheque received

Yeah… My 5th Nuffnang cheque arrived. This is the largest Nuffnang cheque that I received so far. After 3 months… This largest record will be broken. Why? Wait until October to find out. HeHe…

My 5th Nuffnang cheque.

For your information, Nuffnang cheque that I received was RM0.50 less. Why? The bank that Nuffnang uses to send out the cheque, HSBC charges RM0.50 processing fee on each cheque. Therefore, every Nuffnang cheque will be RM1.50 less when cash out @ RM1.00 Nuffnang transaction fee and RM0.50 HSBC processing fee.

Anyway… It is still okay for me. Why? Compare to other local advertising company – Advertlets which delay payment or do not pay at all. Nuffnang is still better even with RM1.50 less on each cheque.