Increase website traffic with Innit by Nuffnang

There are a lot of ways to attract traffic to your own website. One of them is using Innit by Nuffnang. You need to be Nuffnang Glitterati in order to use that. I seldom use Innit by Nuffnang because it does not bring you traffic all the time. Your topic and tag line must be interesting else nobody will bother to click and read your post.

Top in last 24 hours

I managed to be the most popular in last 24 hours time frame when I submitted the famous post – – Beware of this online advertising company. You need to post something that attracts those Nuffnangers. Else nobody will look at your post at all. Anyway, the purpose that I posted there was to attract Advertlets’ CEO, Josh Lim himself to pay my long awaited cheques. And inform others to beware of Advertlets. Finally, I got my cheques in the end. Thanks to Innit by Nuffnang.

Besides, the website traffic also hit historical high during that time. I have 292 visits on that particular day. Not bad for a new site. For your info, Make Money has around 20 visits per day. 292 visits are almost 1500% more than normal daily hits.

Traffic spikes

Finally, be sure to have a good topic when post at innit by Nuffnang. Happy blogging…