Infolinks ~ a better In-Text advertising in town?

Infolinks ~ a better In-Text advertising in town? Infolinks is new to me. I have been using Kontera ContentLink for almost 1 year. However, I am not satisfied with Kontera ContentLink earning. Therefore, I took Infolinks a trial run. To my surprise, Infolinks actually…

Quote from Infolinks

In-Text advertising is a method of online advertising that inserts text link advertisements within the content of a website, usually as a double-underline hyperlink that opens a floating informational bubble upon a hover of the mouse. If clicked, the visitor is directed to the advertiser’s landing page; otherwise, when the mouse is moved away from the hyperlink, the bubble disappears.

Kontera ContentLink 1 week earning

I can only get around USD 1 to USD 1.50 weekly from Kontera ContentLink. This means USD 6.00 per month. The cash out limit is USD 100. How many months should I wait in order to get the cash out?

Infolinks 1 week earning

Infolinks earning is good. At least for the first week trial run. It has more clicks and higher eCPM than Kontera ContentLink. The best part of it, I can payment sooner even the cash out of Infolinks is also USD 100.

This is just the first week. Let’s continue to monitor Infolinks earning performance. Will update more…