Infolinks ~ What should I set in Integration Guide?

I have been using Infolinks since March 2009. It is better than Kontera definitely. In another 2 months, I should be able to get my first Infolinks payment. It will take me more than 1 year in order to get Kontera payment.

How to optimize the Infolinks earning? Here is what I set in Infolinks Integration Guide.

  • Set the Highlight Color same as the hyperlink of your website
  • Double/Single Underline – Set as double underline
  • I only allow 3-5 Max Allowed Number of Highlighted Links per Page
  • Content Category – select the best category that match your website
  • Use the On/Off HTML comment tags to show ads at your post content only

Here is the last 7 days earning with this setting…