Mistake that I made in stock market…

Everybody make mistakes. That’s no a problem. But knowing it and without rectify it. Then it will be a problem. I thought stock market will rally until end of October 2009. However, it did not. Both of the stocks INTC and Tanjong that I target were flat in October. Just like Maybank Investment Bank asked traders to sell on 5 October 2009, a wrong prediction. Anyway, it is hard to predict stock market. And investor should not buy stock based on prediction but on the stock value itself.

INTC October 2009 performance

There are 2 important dates in October for INTC. One is the quarterly report announcement and the second one is employee stock option exchange date. I predicted there will be spike in price on both of the dates. But I was only correct on the first one. And wrong on the other ~ it is good for Intel employees because of the low stock option exchange price. But not for me who want to sell at USD22.50. Hmm… I have to keep it for another 3 months again.

Tanjong PLC October 2009 performance

Same apply to Tanjong PLC. Its 1H net profit increased 10.4% to 372.941 million. And it should be able to climb back to RM16.00 easily. But it failed to do so in October 2009. Luckily, I still have the dividend of 17.5 cents. Else, I will end up earning nothing for October 2009.