ADSDAQ on turbo mode

Yeah… ADSDAQ is on turbo mode. Huh? What is turbo mode? Oh, I mean the ADSDAQ revenue increase a lot lately. I received an email from ADSDAQ stated that lots of new advertisers on ADSDAQ network on Q4 2009. This mean more revenue for publishers.

First 2 days earning on October

Wow… USD 14.00 for the first 2 days of October. This is great. I got around 3-5% fill rate normally. And it increased to 10% fill rate right now. If this continues until end of month, ADSDAQ earning will be more than double.

So what are you waiting for? Get more traffic for your website. I am also in turbo mode now. 😀

  • Marco

    Is Adsdaq a pay per click program like Adsense?

  • @Marco: ADSDAQ is a CPM Ads based. So more traffic == more revenue.

  • impressive, maybe will take over ur adsense earning soon… haha… i think nuffnang is the worst money making tool so far after advertlets

  • Hi bro, right now i am thinking of increasing my ads revenue by participating in adsdaq. but I don’t know whether they accept Malay content blog or they only accept English content blog.

    • Hmm… ADSDAQ requires site that is written primarily in English. And ADSDAQ depends on US traffic.

  • Ok thanks Jayce. right now US traffic only account for 9% of all blogresipi traffic. perhaps I should take more beautiful pictures and post it to tastespotting and food gawker so that I could attract more traffic from US.

    Another thing is I will try to write more English content. Setting up another blog and written it 100% in English and able to attract huge traffic is a bit painful 🙂