Err… Google Panda / Penguin Update did it again.

My blogs was hit by Google Panda Update badly last year. 10% traffic dropped when Google Panda first launched at US. Another 20% dropped when rolled out to international. Well, I managed to recover the loss traffic by writing more quality articles. And I did not do much search engine optimization (SEO) on my blogs since then. No traffic performance hit when Google launched another search engine algorithm update – Google Penguin. My blogs was safe until now…

Hit by Google Panda / Penguin Update

Err… Google Panda / Penguin Update did it again. I don’t know it is Google Panda or Google Penguin that is causing the problem. My blog – suffered 15% traffic drop. No issue on other 2 blogs – and

Gain by Google Panda / Penguin Update

There is loss and gain. But the losses are far more than gaining. Lot of pages loss more than 50 to 70% while only a few pages increased. Hmm… How many months to I need to recover from this latest Google Panda / Penguin Update?

  • How about ur income?

    • Sure drop more than traffic la. 🙁

  • ken

    the first graph is for Looks like more than 15%

    • Yes for 1 page. Lot of pages like that.

  • Yeah. My blog also same. Income drop more than half since last few months ago but so far I find out one thing is:- bounce rate improve from 80% drop to 30%. It is mean users are viewing more pages than before now.

    • 30% bounce rate is really good. has the lowest bounce rate among my blogs but at 45% only. 😉

  • I was badly hit by Penguin last time but have now started to recover from it.

  • ken

    Any recovery so far from Panda/Penguin ?

    • Considered yes as back to previous normal level.

      • ken

        I see, may I ask another question. Obvious you post many different topics and not all will rank and get traffic. Do you think that by posting regularly and with similar topic help increase the traffic to your whole website rather than individual post? I’m curious about this as sometimes I see new posts of mine get some traffic but after 3-4 days it’s normally gone but the overall unique visitors remain the same.

        thanks for the tips!

        • No idea on this. Google changes search engine algorithm from time to time…