ContextWeb Ads slow down my blogs

PulsePoint (partnership between CONTEXTWEB and Datran Media) is the latest advertising company that I dump (temporary). Yes, I am dumping the best CPM advertising ~ ContextWeb that I love. Why? ContextWeb experienced unexpected system fluctuations up to 3 days. And it makes my blog just hang there while waiting for ContextWeb Ads to be loaded. I hate poor performing advertising that slow down my blogs. That’s why I dumped Innity and Nuffnang previously…

ContextWeb Ads are slowing down my blogs (details)

Yup, ContextWeb Ads are slowing down all my blogs. You will see is loading for long long time and my blogs just hang there. Or timed out. Therefore, I removed ContextWeb Ads from Guess what? ContextWeb server is back to normal now. Should I put them back? Well, not so soon. ContextWeb earning is not performing based on my blog earning. I am looking for its replacement but failed to find a better. Any good CPM advertising to recommend? should be 2 to 4 seconds faster to load without ContextWeb Ads. But I loss ContextWeb earning. Oh well… Faster page load time is always more important than earning, right?