About SP Blogger

Welcome to SP Blogger – a Blog that helps everyone to add income streams to their life.

My name is Jayce Ooi and I’m a full time blogger who make a living with blogs. I started to blog on March 2007 after recommended by friend. And love to blog since then.

Don’t know blogging will bring extra income to me in the first place. After learning here and there, my online income is getting more and more. Therefore, I wish to share my blogging to make money online experience with you all.

Why SP Blogger?
SP Blogger == Super Pro Blogger? Nope, SP is my home town, Sungai Petani. It is a small town located in Kedah, Malaysia. I am proud to be Sungai Petani Blogger . And I wish to help everyone to learn the skills of blogging, investment, financial planning and share their own experiences.

If you would like more information on SP Blogger, please get in touch through my contact page .

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