AdSense for Feeds example

Yes. I know how does AdSense for Feeds looks like. Google AdSense will include its advertisement at your feeds subscription email. The advertisement will be shown after each post. Or you can customize the way to show. Setting the advertisement outlook will definitely improve user interaction with it.

AdSense for Feeds example

The best way to improve CTR == make your advertisement look like your content.

  • thnaks for ur good example of adsense for feeds..i think this may increase page impression too..

  • But page impression is not working so well in Google AdSense. The earning is way too low compare to PPC ads.

  • i know about this one because i got some feed from my friends and at his feeds have adsense. Its cool!

  • You can try it too at your feed. 😉

  • i love Google Adsense, it allows me to make money on my personal blog and some of my health related sites.

  • thanks for info, before this info i delete adsense for feed because it disturb my content,so i need it for my revenue,thanks a lot.

  • thanks for info,allow me to make money through my automotive site.

  • I want to have Google XML feed in my meta search engine like or any other meta search engine.How will I get?Help

  • Sam

    Nice one..:)