failed me again…

Interesting… I did not post anything about Basically, BuySellAds is just like Blogads. Blogads serve me well for past 1 year and it is getting better each day. This is my 2nd trial on BuySellAds. I put up BuySellAds advertisement on for 1 month. Priced 125 x 125 px ad at USD 50 for 500,000 views. Nobody willing to buy it. Guess that the price is a bit high compare to other popular sites…

BuySellAds at above the fold

I will try BuySellAds when my traffic doubles again. Hopefully, the 3rd attempt will success then…

  • Me too…I saw many blogs also have empty advertisers. Guess not many advertisers use

  • Jacksyn

    Hi Jayce,
    Have you tried Adsactor before?
    🙂 Would like know have your advise before apply for it

  • Jacksyn

    Sorry, should be Adsfactor

    • Nope, never try it.

  • I also not have luck with buysellads.

    Yap, you should try adsfactor and adstract. Might be you can earn better than me.

  • neo


    there are many consideration before any blog being approved into BSA marketplace…I submit my blog 2 times before BSA approve it. maybe you can try submit it again, who know 3rd is your lucky number 🙂

  • Best of luck but the price is not too high as per blog quality