Bye bye, Entrecard.

I received an email from “Your Entrecard account has been deleted” was the email title. Huh? What is going on? My account was deleted due to “Stolen content/No original content” as reason for my website.

Hmm… I did not get much Entrecard credit lately. And did not get much hit from Entrecard advertising too. I am thinking of getting out all my Entrecard credit by selling off all of them. However, before I am able to do so. My account got deleted. Hey, I still have 11,000++ credit there. Some of the credits are coming from my other blogs.

Why Entrecard deleted my account now? And why without any warning? It is not professional at all. Anyway, I will save out some of my time by not dropping EC. Use it on other places.

By the way, just in case you still want to join Entrecard. Be sure that you fulfill their blog quality requirements.

Me? No way…

  • oh my god ? That’s mean all of you EC have been gone ? This is really unproffesional la, they don’t even notify you that they dont accept your at all.
    Actually how are we going to sell the EC ? I have not much EC currently, I very less drop EC and advertise on others’ blog also. =.=”

  • Yup. No warning. 🙁

    We can sell EC at eBay like others. Or sell it directly to user. Too bad… I did not manage to do either one of them.

  • Hey, you can create another account, and write to them to transfer the credits to that account. I have done that.

    You will have to belanja me when it is done!

  • Noted. But I am too lazy to deal with non-professional people.

  • I also joined Entrecard. I don’t know that they are so unreasonable. This is unbelievable. Have you tried to contact them? Maybe there is a misunderstanding somewhere.

  • No need. I am tired already.