Innity Ads ~ now you see, now you don’t

Yeah… Now you see, now you don’t. This is what happens to my Innity CPM ads. I ‘love’ it. There were 3 new CPM ads assigned on 1st November 2010. 2 of them were gone the next day and left one that not so performing. This is not the first time that happens in my account. And I loss count…

Innity was great when I joined. I still remember that I can earn RM 500 with Innity Ads just within half of the month. But Innity earning is getting lower and lower nowadays. And CPM ads are getting lesser and lesser on technology channel which was assigned.

I don’t want to have too much ads on my blog to keep it clean from ads. And won’t publish ads that don’t bring much revenue to me by wasting ad space and loading time for reader. Therefore, I don’t publish image CPC ads. My readers just don’t want to click it even they are placed above the fold.

With the stats above, I can make a conclusion that Innity is out of the game for sure. Now you see, now you don’t. πŸ˜‰

  • shreya

    i think this is fabulous earning according to me .. because you get nearly $.80 per click at a ecpm of $ 1.70 ( i have converted all into dollars ) … a good suggestion is if there is no ad you can rotate other ads na ?? i think that will be great .. your ctr is too low, so earnings will also be low .. if the ctr is high then i think it will be best than any other network except adsense.. always adsense will be the best ..

  • i think it still good earning. But it was not higher like you earn before. At least, you still get paid. Not all people can do that like you. πŸ™‚

    • Compare to other ad earnings. Innity earning is way too low. πŸ™

      • shreya

        how you are saying it is too low comparing with others … ecpm of ecpm of $ 1.70 is low then ??? i cant understand .. get me some other network earnings other than adsense you get at the ecpm of $ 1,70 ?? i think nothing …

      • of couselah it really low. But nothing we can do. Just keep trying. At least, we still have one program that always paying us every month.

        Just found a new program works like innity. Try

        • shreya

          @titan : then how much ecpm you get from ???

        • shreya

          @titan : then how much ecpm you get from ??? this is the first time i am listening the name …

  • Is Innity the one that cause the malware issue on your site last month?

    • Yeah, this is the famous Innity which cause lot of websites marked as β€œReported Attack Page!”

  • So far I still manage to earn RM150 to RM300 monthly from Innity. I also like you focus on CPM & CPE only. CPC received very few clicks. AdSense much better.

    Recently I’ve been invited to join AdBeans. They pay fixed GBP1 per day. Not bad though.
    MBSelect also invited me to join but not sure whats wrong still ZERO earning.

  • you stopped using it? But if it is not preforming what is the point of keeping them right. Hahaha

    • Yes, stop already. has 12k pageviews per day now. Innity cannot even fulfill 10% of the traffic.

  • emm..congratulation. You still make money with innity. I hope you will update more about innity next time.

  • Ok, let’s go to the point, how much does innity pay per click in its PPC program