Innity Site Take Over Ad Again?

I hate Site Take Over Ad personally. And will not visit the site that has it again. But I in the webmaster shoe now. And Innity Site Take Over ad pay rate is very attractive. I admit that I cannot resist it after seeing this below.

Innity revenue

Yes, I got 1 month revenue in half of the month period. But there is a small note there ~ Note: All numbers are estimates and subject to review and audit. Hopefully, these numbers are correct and valid.

By the way, if you don’t know what is Site Take Over Ad. Do visit on 16 December 2009 APAC time to see it yourself. 🙂

  • Hi Jayce,
    Now I know what is site take over all about. but anyway it’s cool and not annoying.most of senior innity publisher already got the email campaign for the site take over ads. mine still far from reaching because this is only my first day with innity. huhu.

    Soon people will talk about innity and I hope all your postings about innity will be on the first page of google.

    Innity memang masuk laju la bro! 😉

    • If can. I don’t want it. But but but… As I mention above… Cannot resist. 😛

  • Cool! Your income revenue is increasing so fast 🙂

    • Hehe… Got a little bit more traffic lately. How about you? Did not see any update on your blog for quite sometimes. So far so good?

      • So far so good 😀 I have been busy with freelance projects. Sigh, will be free to post after next year I guess.

  • Wow…Innity rules. Nuffnang cannot pakai liao?

    • Nuffnang still performing like it used to. 🙂

  • After seeing your screenshot, I want to put the code now..:D

  • You can retire earlier with innity now. lolz. The innity site requirement is very high isn’t it? Hmmmm.. no chance for me. 🙁

    • Retire early with Innity? No way. It is just spike in earning that cannot maintain. Still a long long way to go for me.

      The requirement? Depend on personal, some said 1000 daily visit is high but some don’t. You won’t say it high when you reach that level. You will aim for another higher level then. 🙂

  • I hate site take over ad also but as you said, “can’t resist” haha…Anyway, I guess your total December 09 internet income will be the highest with the help of Innity. Right? 🙂

  • cannot resist. Hehe..i agree.

  • Hi again bro,

    Would like to ask something about Innity. If you noticed there is 1 campaign ad (9007) Dell which is giving good rate for CPC. But it’s only come as Text-Link ads.

    What exactly is Text Link ads and where should I paste that Text-Link code?

    Cannot resist lah. 😉

    • Hmm… Not sure about that. I did not enable it due to Infolinks in-text ad. Should put the code like site take over ~ any place within body tag.

    • You can place text-link code at sidebar like I did. Go to appearance >> widget choose text widget and place the code there.

      If you want in-text link ads you should place the code between and tag like Jayce told. It will appears like kontera and infolinks ads.

      • Oh… I just know that text-link is like that. Saw that at your blog. Anybody click on it? 😉

  • Ok thanks guys. I will try and let see how it goes.

  • Wow.. innity is quite good. WOnder which is better between innity and nuffnang.

  • Powerful and influential…

  • haha nice one! big earning with only getting like rm7 per day..slowly but surely..

    • I am getting RM8 per day now. Getting lower and lower due to more and more new publishers signed up. 😛

      • hahaha..getting lower huh? im nearing my first cashout..
        yes too many new publisher for innity,luckily they have change the site requirement to 6k and 30k pageviews per month to enable them to be innity publisher..
        harder to become their publisher for now on..

  • hi!

    since you write about site take over ad, can i ask how to put site take over ad code ? i using blogspot. thanks in advance.

    • Any place in body tag will do. Not sure about blogspot. Sorry, not familiar with it.