Internet income report for April 2008

Yeah… This is my first time reveal my Internet income. I started Jayce Ooi’s Paradise since March 2007. It brought some revenue to me. Currently, I have Google AdSense and Nuffnang running at there. Google AdSense is still best for the moment. Will try out some other online advertisement on different sites to their performance too.

Internet income report for April 2008

Google AdSense – US$ 63.32 (RM 196.29)
Nuffnang – US$ 27.08 (RM 83.95)

Grand Total: US$ 90.4 (RM 280.24)

He… He… With these earning, I just manage to cover my 1 year hosting fee at HostMonster. Hopefully, I can earn more in the coming month. 😀

  • Jayce, you get a good income on Google Adsense 🙂

  • Hey, how did you get here? I did not update it at yet. 😛

  • Congrats Jayce. Hope you can earn more next month! 🙂

  • Thanks Norhafidz. May your wish come true. 🙂

  • haa jayce,
    now i realise the benefit and gain from currency exchange rate.. =)

  • USD is better. 😉