Is stock market update still needed?

I stopped updating Stock Market Update since 1 July 2011. Why? I started these posts to study FKLI. But I found out that FBM KLCI does not actually follow other region stock markets like US, Europe or Asia. If US stock markets dropped, FBM KLCI does not follow the dropping trend too while most other region stock markets do. So no point to waste time to post it. And I don’t think other people would like to read it too. But it does have 1 good thing ~ it forces me to study the market everyday. Without posting it, I might not study at all…

Nope, I should not stop my study on FKLI here. And will look for other pointers that really can be counted that affect the up / down trend of FKLI. Hmm… Do you know any? 😉

  • Ken

    Thank god you are stopping….

  • jason

    Hi Jayce, how is your FKLI trading going on? i am also newbie in FKLI .. dunno if you got any tips to share?

    • Me also a newbie like you too. So can’t comment much. But we can learn together. 😉

  • Jayce, I’ve chat with you few months ago before I started my blog as I wanna get some advice. Been following your blog since then. Yeah! I like to see more posting on blogging instead of stock market, perhaps coz I don’t like stock 🙂