Mudajaya ~ Nine-month net profit 75.844 million (increased 118.25%)

Never stop study stock market. It had been 4 months since I sold MUDAJYA 5085. Its stock price went up to RM4.10 on 11 November 2009. Up more than 5% intraday. Why? It announced good 3rd Quarter with nine-month net profit 75.844 million. How much did I earn? Nothing. I did not buy back Mudajaya stock after sold it at RM2.00. This is the stock that I regretted most…


Never sell a good stock and don’t buy back. Make sure you buy back at attractive price again after you sold it. Hmm… I still have issue that cannot keep stock that don’t have previous historical high like Mudajaya. I need to change this bad behavior soon.