My Nuffnang Membership status turn to Ordinary (non-exclusive) from Glitterati!!!

Bad Advertlets Ad. I hate you. And naughty Nuffnang crawler, I hate you too. Why do you come to ? 😛

After looking at my statement above, you should get a little bit hints about what is happening here. My Nuffnang Membership status turns to Ordinary (non-exclusive) from Glitterati due to putting Advertlets Ad on this Make Money Blog. Aiyo… 🙁 Now I have to wait for 3 days to have Nuffnang Glitterati status back.

During the time I put up Advertlets Ad, I did not register Make Money Blog at Nuffnang. And I did not put any Nuffnang Ad here too. But the naughty Nuffnang crawler also treats this blog as one of my blogs at Nuffnang even when using sub domain. Therefore, as a conclusion, all my sub domain at cannot have other South-East Asia company Ad. I can only serve Nuffnang Ad in this case. 😛

So what did I do? Removed Advertlets Ad of course and register this blog as part of my Nuffnang Blog and put up Nuffnang Ad. 😀

Finally, why Nuffnang Glitterati is important for me ? See the answer below to find out.

Exclusive Nuffnangers

Non-Exclusive Nuffnangers

Payment Rates (CPM) Set A Bands. Earnings to be 20-50% Higher than current blog income. Set B Bands. Earnings to be 20-50% Lower than Exclusive Nuffnangers
Payment Rates (CPC) Minimum RM 0.25 per click. Minimum RM 0.15 per click.
Payment Terms 30 Days from End of Month Requested 60 Days from End of Month Requested
Advertorial Opportunities Eligible Non-Eligible
Community Events 70% of seats allocated for Nuffnangers. Guests allowed. 30% of seats allocated to blogger only.
Contest Winners 70% of prizes to Exclusive 30% of prizes to non-Exclusive.
Use of Eligible Not Eligible
Selection for CPUV Ads Priority No Priority
  • Yeah… I am back to Nuffnang Glitterati. 😀

  • i thought subdomain won’t be affected, uhuu.. seems like we can only serve Nuffnang ads for both main domain and subdomain if we want to keep with Gliteratti status. hmm 🙄

  • It should not be affected. I am also not sure how Nuffnang crawler works. Anyway… Nuffnang pays better than other local Ad company. So stay to Nuffnang lo. 😀

  • i prefer nuffnang..but currently no geo cpm based ads campaign come to my blog 🙁

  • Hmm… I am also not sure that how Nuffnang assign campaign to blogger. Hopefully, you will get some soon. 😉

  • i have same problem with yours. how long u get ur Glitterati status back?

  • if advertlerts cannot put together with nuffnang, how about google adsense? also same?

  • Less than 2 days. No problem with Google AdSense Ads. You still can see both of them working together in my blogs, right? 🙂

  • ok thanks! 🙂

  • Thanks Jayce for this post, helps me a lot 🙂
    I’m going to delete other ads now and become a Glitterati!!!

  • Jayce what other ads can’t we put other than Advelets?

  • Jayce I just have to remove Adverlets ads from my blog then I’ll get the Glitterati status back, am I right?

  • Yup. Just checked your blog. No other South-East Asia company Ad. So You will be Nuffnang Glitterati in no time. 😀

  • Hi! I just signed up on Nuffnang today. But my status is Ordinary. I wonder what’s wrong. As far as I know, I don’t have any Ads running on my blog. Though, at the back of my mind, I’m thinking of nrelate. I’m using it on my blog but I’m not showing any ads. What can you say about this?