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Mudajaya target price was downgraded again by both CIMB Securities and OSK Research. Reason? Managing Director (MD), Mr. Ng Yin Loong (may be regarded as the founder of Mudajaya) has tendered his resignation. CIMB Securities increased its RNAV discount from 20% to 30% in view of the short-term concerns that this change in leadership. While OSK Research increased SOP discount from 30% to 50%.

MUDAJYA past 2 months stock price

MUDAJYA Target Price
RM 4.81 ~ CIMB Securities
RM 2.82 ~ OSK Research


LinkShare is new to me. It is an affiliate network that you can earn commissions through sales like Apple iTunes. Hmm… I am not good in affiliate marketing yet. And I really earn very less from it. I just don’t like to sell products. Maybe I should study and can earn more from it…

1st LinkShare cheque

Yeah… I received my very 1st cheque from LinkShare. Haha… It is also the smallest amount US cheque @ $1.10 that I have received. I can’t even withdraw it because the cheapest processing fee is around RM13.00 from HSBC bank in Malaysia. LinkShare set too low withdrawal limit at $1.00. I don’t even notice until I saw a cheque was sent notice when I login to LinkShare account.

But the good side ~ LinkShare does pay. 😀


I am getting ‘Akismet has detected a problem. A server or network problem prevented Akismet from checking xxx comments. They have been temporarily held for moderation and will be automatically re-checked in xx mins.’ issue lately… This issue happens once in a while. And the longest last for 1 day. I had to delete all the spam comments manually by clicking ‘Check for Spam’. It is okay now as the time of writing this article. Hmm… Any idea what went wrong?

Anyway, I discovered another stuff ~ wp_commentmeta is the biggest size table in my WordPress database. What does wp_commentmeta store? After checking here and there. It has _wp_trash_meta_status data in meta_key. And lot of akismet_result, akismet_history, akismet_as_submitted, akismet_user_result and akismet_user entries too. wp_comments is only 8.5MB while wp_commentmeta is using more than 40MB database storage space. And it has more rows than wp_comments. Do these entries have any value at all?

After did some testings, I found out that wp_trash_meta data will be generated when you spam or trash a comment. And will be deleted after you delete the comment permanently. So the wp_commentmeta is clean. However, it will get bigger and bigger if you are using Akismet WordPress Plugin. Akismet will create 3 entries in wp_commentmeta on each comment. 5 entries if you spam the comment yourself manually.

I prefer a small and clean WordPress database. So it is time to clean it up. I used these entries to check and delete those unwanted entries.

Clean up wp_commentmeta entries that have no relation to wp_comments

select count(*) from wp_commentmeta where comment_ID not in
(select comment_ID from wp_comments)

delete from wp_commentmeta where comment_ID not in
(select comment_ID from wp_comments)

Clean up all Akismet wp_commentmeta entries

select count(*) from wp_commentmeta where meta_key like ‘%akismet%’

delete from wp_commentmeta where meta_key like ‘%akismet%’

Only performs these scripts in phpMyAdmin if you know what you are doing…


Mudajaya target price was downgraded by both CIMB Securities and OSK Research. The main reason ~ delays at Chhattisgarh. CIMB Securities lowers it by 7.3% from RM7.44 to RM6.88 (before ex-bonus) == RM5.95 to RM5.50 (ex-bonus), pegged to 20% RNAV discount. OSK Research downgraded it even further from RM5.48 to RM4.15 based on a 30% discount to SOP.

MUDAJYA past 2 months stock price

Mudajaya Target Price
RM 5.50 ~ CIMB Securities
RM 4.15 ~ OSK Research

With current uncertain economy situation, Mudajaya stock price is unlikely will go back to historical high at RM4.08 any time soon…


How to recover from Google Panda Update? I tried lot of methods like optimizing my website by fixing HTML issues on Google Webmaster Tools. De-index all the category and tag pages from Google search index. All the paged pages (like page 2, page 3) are de-indexed too. But none of them are helping to improve the traffic in my case. So what did I do to improve my blog traffic? daily unique visitors

Finally, is getting back some traffic after international Google Panda Update on April. Recovery is hard and pain. Why? I had to write more quality articles to replace those lost traffic. Yes, the latest increased traffic is coming from new articles. I did not manage to gain back those lost traffic on certain keywords. They are gone forever. But this is not end of the world, we still can write better and more quality articles, right?