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Yeah… I received an email from Kontera. I can get pay at $75 when I select Domestic ACH payment. But I cannot find Domestic ACH payment in my account payment setting. Wish that Kontera able to give the same benefit to PayPal payment too. I might switch back to Kontera from Infolinks then. I have around USD 40 in Kontera if not mistaken. Kontera does not allow me to check back more than 6 months earning. 🙁

Kontera earning

I could not stop myself from testing Kontera again when I see low performing earning from Infolinks. Therefore, I tested for 2-3 days. How is the result? Bad…

Infolinks earning

Staying with Infolinks is a right choice to make. I can get more than USD 1.00 per day with Infolinks while I did not get it with Kontera after using it for more than 6 months.

Which in-text advertising are you using right now?


Have you started using ADSDAQ? Why not? Here is my 6th ADSDAQ payment through PayPal. It consists of 2 months earning.


ADSDAQ still need to have another 4 payments to get certified as Good Make Money Tool. Nuffnang was the first and followed by Google AdSense.

Have you get your ADSDAQ payment yet?


Woo… I got my 5th ADSDAQ payment from PayPal. This payment consists 2 months earning which are January and February 2009. Both of the months earning are below USD 50. Hoping that ADSDAQ March earning can go above USD 50 again so that I can receive another payment next month.

5th ADSDAQ payment

Do you publish ADSDAQ Ads? Why not? You can use it with Google AdSense. Your earning will be more and it does not take up any extra spaces. All you have to do is put Google AdSense as ADSDAQ backup ads. Then, put ADSDAQ code at your website. That’s all. Enjoy earning this CPM advertising…


Yoo… Yoo… Here comes the 4th ADSDAQ payment from PayPal. It only has 3 combos which I received 3 ADSDAQ payment continue on these 3 months. However, I did not able to cash out on January. Hmm… My blogs traffic increased on January but ADSDAQ earning dropped due to low fill rate.

4th ADSDAQ payment

Hopefully, ADSDAQ fill rate will be higher in the future so that I can cash out every month.


Yes. I have the highest 1 week earning for ADSDAQ. Normally, I get around USD 20 per month on ADSDAQ based on my online income report. However, I managed to get USD 12 for only 1 week this time. I am hoping that I can withdraw ADSDAQ payment on monthly basis just like Google AdSense and Nuffnang.

ADSDAQ 1 week earning

Hopefully, I can earn more from ADSDAQ. Make it USD 50 every month to entitle month withdrawal. So far… ADSDAQ is still the best CPM advertising company that I signed up.