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WordPress related post plugin… This is a plugin that I should install back in 2 years++ ago. The theme that I use cannot work properly with WordPress related post plugin. And I did my manual work on the related posts until yesterday. Yes. I downloaded and installed the latest WordPress related post plugin. Finally, I can say…


Display related posts are a must. It will keep visitors a longer time at your website. If visitors can’t find anything interesting them anymore, they will leave. So we need to optimise the UI layout to meet the need of visitors.

WordPress related post plugin can display random posts or most commented posts if no related post is found. And it can display related posts with thumbnail too. And other nice features…

By the way, you can download WordPress related post plugin at here. It will generate related posts via WordPress tags, and add the related posts to feed.


Yes. I know how does AdSense for Feeds looks like. Google AdSense will include its advertisement at your feeds subscription email. The advertisement will be shown after each post. Or you can customize the way to show. Setting the advertisement outlook will definitely improve user interaction with it.

AdSense for Feeds example

The best way to improve CTR == make your advertisement look like your content.


AdSense for Feeds. I have been using FeedBurner for quite some time. I did not serve any advertisement on any of my blog feeds. However, after Google take over FeedBurner. Here comes AdSense for Feeds. And I am thinking to try it out. Will update more when I get some idea of it.

If you notice, I changed all my blogs’ feeds link to http://feedproxy.google.com. All the feeds are hosted at Google server now.

How does AdSense for feeds work anyway?