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Yeah… The first month of year 2010. How is the Internet income? Oh no… It dropped a lot. As expected, most of the earning back to the normal rate. No more holidays season. ADSDAQ earning fall back to normal from turbo mode and payment was delayed. JayceOoi.com traffic increased some but the earnings are not. Most of the advertising companies’ ad inventories are low. But look at the bright side, Infolinks is not the last anymore. It overtook ADSDAQ…

Internet income report for January 2010

Google AdSense – US$ 224.28 (RM 760.19)
Innity – US$ 107.35 (RM 363.87)
Nuffnang – US$ 80.45 (RM 272.69)
Infolinks – US$ 70.09 (RM 237.57)
ADSDAQ – US$ 69.71 (RM 236.28)

Grand Total: US$ 551.88 (RM 1870.60)

Getting RM 2,000 per month is hard. Getting RM 3,000 is even harder. How much visitors per day should I need in order to get RM 4,000 per month? I checked Google Analytics traffic and the earning for the pass few months.

RM 500 == 500 visitors
RM 800 == 1,500 visitors
RM 1,200 == 2,300 visitors
RM 1,900 == 3,300 visitors
RM 4,000 == ?? visitors

So RM 4,000 only needs around 7,000 visitors, right? Not exactly but it is near I think. The earning does not come in this way. Google AdSense and Infolinks depend on keyword rate, CTR, articles and visitors behavior while Innity, Nuffnang and ADSDAQ depend on ad inventories. To be safe, my target…

RM 5000 == 10,000 visitors.

Here come another question… How long will I need in order to get 10,000 visitors per day?


Blog also can keep fit? Yup. That’s what I do last few weeks. I am optimizing the blog layout in order to give better look for readers and revenue for me. I put up RSS feed email subscribe again at better location where reader can’t miss it. Got a few new subscribers after that. And removed underperformed Google AdSense link ads. There were lot of clicks but very less revenue generated from it. By removing, the clicks moved to Google AdSense Large Rectangle ads ~ gained a little bit more earning there. And Infolinks ads clicks increased too.

Never be afraid to try something new on your blog layout. We learn from mistakes and improve there.


Bravo… Bravo to Innity. It managed to contribute the highest income last month. Thanks for its higher pay rate Site Take Over ad. Check out Nuffnang vs Innity post to find out which local ad company provides better earning. Or you can see it here too.

Internet income report for December 2009

Innity – US$ 243.79 (RM 825.73)
Google AdSense – US$ 209.01 (RM 707.91)
ADSDAQ – US$ 143.67 (RM 486.61)
Nuffnang – US$ 69.04 (RM 233.86)
Infolinks – US$ 67.10 (RM 227.26)

Grand Total: US$ 732.61 (RM 2481.37)

I changed blog layout last month. Removed Google AdSense leaderboard ad. The earning is about the same. But Infolinks earning is getting better. Will continue to improve the layout and earning.


Oh no… There was a crazy guy wanted to sabotage me. He clicked a lot of AdSense ads. I think he is using bot to do so. Because it is really a lot. More than 30,000 clicks. I don’t think a human can do it.


How to avoid Google AdSense click fraud? I also don’t know. But I took below steps to avoid it.

  • Remove the ad code.
  • Set my own domains on Allowed Sites only.

Why remove the ad code? That guy clicked on Large Rectangle – top channel ad on JayceOoi.com root level. Based on Google Analytics, that ad only brings less than USD 3 in 1 month. Removed it is a good decision. No use to put it there as it wastes space.

Set own domains on Allowed Sites also will help to reduce your Google AdSense code being used by others to do evil thing ~ click fraud sabotage. All the other domains that using your ad code will be ignore by Google. Therefore, all the worry will be gone.


Yeah… ADSDAQ revenue is getting better and better each month. By the way, Innity is good in figure only. I still did not receive any payment from Innity yet. Based on its FAQ, I should get the September and October payments by now. Example, for 16th April – 30th April revenue, paid within 30 days after 30th April (i.e. by 30th May). Hmm… When can I receive Innity payment?

Internet income report for November 2009

Google AdSense – US$ 207.78 (RM 697.30)
ADSDAQ – US$ 157.61 (RM 528.93)
Innity – US$ 117.92 (RM 395.77)
Nuffnang – US$ 73.36 (RM 246.20)
Infolinks – US$ 49.50 (RM 166.12)

Grand Total: US$ 606.17 (RM 2034.32)

So far, Google AdSense, ADSDAQ, Nuffnang and Infolinks’ payments are on time. They don’t ever delay any payment before. Will Innity become like Advertlets? Oh no… I have more than RM1000 in Innity. Help!!!