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I am getting ‘Akismet has detected a problem. A server or network problem prevented Akismet from checking xxx comments. They have been temporarily held for moderation and will be automatically re-checked in xx mins.’ issue lately… This issue happens once in a while. And the longest last for 1 day. I had to delete all the spam comments manually by clicking ‘Check for Spam’. It is okay now as the time of writing this article. Hmm… Any idea what went wrong?

Anyway, I discovered another stuff ~ wp_commentmeta is the biggest size table in my WordPress database. What does wp_commentmeta store? After checking here and there. It has _wp_trash_meta_status data in meta_key. And lot of akismet_result, akismet_history, akismet_as_submitted, akismet_user_result and akismet_user entries too. wp_comments is only 8.5MB while wp_commentmeta is using more than 40MB database storage space. And it has more rows than wp_comments. Do these entries have any value at all?

After did some testings, I found out that wp_trash_meta data will be generated when you spam or trash a comment. And will be deleted after you delete the comment permanently. So the wp_commentmeta is clean. However, it will get bigger and bigger if you are using Akismet WordPress Plugin. Akismet will create 3 entries in wp_commentmeta on each comment. 5 entries if you spam the comment yourself manually.

I prefer a small and clean WordPress database. So it is time to clean it up. I used these entries to check and delete those unwanted entries.

Clean up wp_commentmeta entries that have no relation to wp_comments

select count(*) from wp_commentmeta where comment_ID not in
(select comment_ID from wp_comments)

delete from wp_commentmeta where comment_ID not in
(select comment_ID from wp_comments)

Clean up all Akismet wp_commentmeta entries

select count(*) from wp_commentmeta where meta_key like ‘%akismet%’

delete from wp_commentmeta where meta_key like ‘%akismet%’

Only performs these scripts in phpMyAdmin if you know what you are doing…


Why there are core dump files in my WordPress folder? Core file like core.18170, core.25895, core.xxxx… And they are usually 30+ MB in size. I started to see them when I switched to HostGator VPS Hosting. And I did not see them previously. Something wrong with my VPS account settings? Or something wrong with my WordPress plugin that I use? By the way, my VPS account always shows slmmemorylimit resource alert when these core dump files exist. And used up all the 768 MB memory (usually use 250 MB only). And high CPU usage too.

Core dump files in WordPress folder

Basically, spBlogger.com and JayceOoi.com are the same. Both of them use the same WordPress plugins and settings. Maybe some layout different but internally are exactly the same. I tried to troubleshoot this issue by looking at the core dump files. Found W3 Total Cache in there. Hmm… But I am using W3 Total Cache in both spBlogger.com and JayceOoi.com. And spBlogger.com does not give me this core dump files issue at all. After disabled W3 Total Cache and turned on WP Super Cache for 2 days, I did not see any core dump files being created and no resource alert from Parallels Power Panel. So I made a conclusion that W3 Total Cache is not being nice friend with HostGator VPS Hosting.

How to fix core dump files in WordPress folder issue?
Check all your WordPress plugin one by one. There might be one WordPress plugin (like W3 Total Cache in my case) that is causing the issue. Or contact your hosting support for help.


Fix HTML ~ meta description, title tag and non-indexable content issues on Google Webmaster Tools. Yes, I have been ignoring these issues before Google Panda Update. And they are getting more and more. Why do we need to fix them? Google states, “addressing them may help your site’s user experience and performance“. Who know it might improve our site search ranking on Google. So no harm to solve those issues, right?

If you are using a good WordPress theme, you might not see any issue. But I am using a 4 years old own customized theme, so I missed out some of the issues which patch by WordPress. And I need to do manual work here. Hopefully, Google search ranking will be better after all these issues are gone. 😉


Okay, here comes the interesting part. This is the trigger point that makes me want to leave Just Host shared web hosting as soon as possible. Unprofessional Just Host live chat support.

Just Host live chat support sucks

I hate people ended my chat conversation when I am not done yet. This is so unprofessional. Furthermore, Just Host live chat support is slow to response. And does not willing to provide help on the spot. Then, what is the purpose of having live chat support?

In the end, I sent an email request to Just Host support. Can’t the live chat support agent helps to escalate it? Err…


Yes, Just Host database server sucks. Why? I am a WordPress user for more than 4 years. I faced “WordPress database error Can’t create/write to file ‘/tmp/#sql_39d0_1.MYI’ (Errcode: 28)” for the first time when using Just Host shared web hosting. What is error 28 meant? Based on Linux, error 28 == no space left on device. Come on, this is what Just Host called ~ Unlimited GB’s of Space??? Does Just Host support team do their job by monitoring server disk space? I doubt that.

The outcome after getting this error 28. WordPress categories and tags are gone. And even worst sometimes, all the posts are gone because database server cannot write anymore on the tmp folder. So basically, your blog are down for good. How frequent do I get this? Once in a week if I am lucky. Else even worst ~ daily…

By the way, you will get this kind of error when all the post are gone ~ “WordPress database error Table ‘./YourBlog/wp_posts’ is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed for query SELECT wp_posts.* FROM wp_posts…”