Tanjong PLC stock price over RM17.50

Arr… Tanjong PLC stock price over RM17.50 already. I was wrong. I set too low buying price target. Here go my 2 units of HTC HD2.

The lesson that I learn. Don’t stop monitoring stock market. I was busy during holidays with my new gadget ~ HTC HD2 and focusing on increase blog traffic too. Did not study well on stock market at all.

Well… The rally should continue until Chinese New Year based on past historical record (Don’t trust past result). Anyway, I am not going to buy Tanjong with price over RM17.00. How about you?

Arr… Still remember Mudajaya? The stock that I regretted most is at RM5.13 as at 5 January 2010. Lesson learns… Never sell good potential stock.

  • I believe the share market is going for an adjustment soon.
    Thus I am cleaning my basket by disposing stocks that I see no potential.

    • Yeah… Waiting for that too. By the way, do you ‘play’ futures option?

      • No. Don’t know how to play. How about you?

  • U can find many good blogs on futures like zac, benny, chong, bullsa…… Just visit http://ginsing70.blogspot.com/look for Latest from the Blogs (FKLI & FCPO) session.

    Or u can contact me, i am actively trading fcpo. 🙂

    • Thanks for the list. Will visit them one by one. 😉