Thanks Infolinks for its first payment

I asked, “Infolinks ~ a better In-Text advertising in town?” when I started to use it. YES. I can answer it now. I just received my first payment from Infolinks via PayPal.

Payment for Infolinks September 2009 Earning

Are you still using Kontera ContentLink? If yes, you might want to try out Infolinks. It does bring a lot more revenue to me. It will do the same to you too. Enjoy make money online…

  • The earning result from text links ads looks promising. Maybe I should try it.

  • Weird, why did they issue the payment within the mid of month?

    • Taken from Infolinks FAQ…

      When do I get paid?
      Every month. In details, at the end of each monthly payment period, Infolinks calculates your earnings for that month and issues your payment within 45 days of the end of the payment period, with the exception of monthly earnings of less than $100 which remain in your account and are added into the following month’s earnings.

  • Oh I see… I usually get my payment at the end of the month, didnt notice they also issue payment during mid of month

    • Got it less than 30 days?
      By the way, with your current traffic, you can get monthly payment from Infolinks, right? 🙂

  • I think every publisher got it at the end of the month, usually they will start giving it out few hours later after Adsense payment have been issued.

    Yea, do get monthly payment from Infolinks, perform way better than Kontera 😛

    Recently Kontera decided to roll out new ads formats & sent emails to their publishers, but I think I m gonna stick with Infolinks, Kontera makes my site load sloooooooow

  • how long you take to get your first payment?

    • Started using Infolinks on March 2009. 😉

  • Joe

    my account just reach $100 and the email me something about the tax form.. do you fill the form or just reply them email? infolinks is far better than kontera in term of eCPM

  • I have just switched to InfoLinks from Kontera and it does covert better.

    i am still waiting for my first payment. I hope that will be in time 🙂

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