Traffic == Income

Traffic == Income

Yup. The more traffic that you get from your websites, the higher income you will get. I am on turbo mode early this month when ADSDAQ performed extremely well (for few days only) and turbo mode again this few days when Innity Performance Network is crazy also. Woo… I am a little bit tired but happy with the result.

JayceOoi_Weekly weekly traffic from Nuffnang

Getting 5000 visitors per day is still a very far way to go. Maybe I set a too high target already. 3000 daily visitors should not be a problem on next birthday. Hmm… Need to work hard to reach there.

2 days left on October. On my daily checking on revenue (yup. I do daily checking on online income), October should be the highest income month so far. Nuffnang and Innity are fighting very strong. But Innity might not able to beat Nuffnang due to less CPM ads show already. And it still has RM100 to go. A very tough fight indeed. By the way, both of them beat ADSDAQ. Wow…

However, November is another story. Nuffnang don’t have much earning to bring over. Innity should win Nuffnang easily if performance is maintained. Innity == a bright new star? Yes, when I get the first payment. 😉

  • But the most importan thing is that you should know traffic to money conversion.

    • Traffic to money conversion? Can explain more? 😉

      • Hem… i mean that you must know how to convert the traffic become your earn. As example, i f you sell e-book, you should know how to make the traffic (readers) buy your e-book.

        • I see. Thanks for the explanation.

  • SK

    Is the 2000+ daily visitors just for or across your blogs?

  • omg…you are really cool…how did u make your traffic so high????

    • SEO helps a lot. Write quality articles too. 🙂

      • SK

        So a lot of referals from google?

        • Yup, more than 50% from Google.

          • What are the SEO tools that you are using?

          • SK

            For my site, I don’t rely much on google to generate traffic. From all the artists I featured, I do mailing lists etc. More than 50% of my traffic and from direct links (e.g. bookmarks etc.) I’m usually that approach to build up a fan base.

  • The traffic is really great. You did a good job, Congrat Bro.

    • Thanks bro. You too keep it up. 😉

  • @Marco: I did not use any SEO plugin or tool. Do my own theme and article SEO only.

  • Seeing your traffic grow from time to time, you did a great job 😉

  • i need to admit that traffic so important if you want to make money online.

  • i could find lot of info here. Tq for sharing 🙂