Vibrant In-Text Ads ~ The best in-text advertising network

Vibrant In-Text Ads ~ The best in-text advertising network


I started to publish Vibrant In-Text Ads since June last year. Its performance and earning are overwhelming. With the 10th payment ($403.40 @ March) that I received, I am proud to announce that Vibrant In-Text Ads is the best in-text advertising network. And certified Vibrant as Best in-text make money online tool.

Vibrant past 12 months earning

Vibrant In-Text Ads earning tells everything. Other in-text advertising like Infolinks and Kontera that I tried, their earning do not even come close to Vibrant. Furthermore, Vibrant earning beats Google AdSense sometimes.

Interested? Feel free to check out Vibrant website for more information…

  • Priyangshu Borgohain

    Hello Jayce , do they have any website requirement ?

  • titan

    too high. i cannot reach yet that requirement.

    anyway, congratulations!

  • TC

    Why I don’t see you serve vibrant ads in your site?
    Are you served it at other of your site?

    • spBlogger is serving it.